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Yes, i’m sharing my edit again. Just because I believe in this love with all my heart & I think that these two deserve their happiness. Everyone does, no matter the sex, color, age or orientations. Forever and Always Larry shipper <3 Never be shy to share your feels with me. xx


Larry Stylinson - I Won’t Give Up (On Us)

you requested & here it is!(:


And all I can look at is the way Louis has his arm on Harry’s thigh… And the how Harry is pressing his leg into Louis’ side


»Larry Stylinson Analysed: THIGH

In this interview, Louis’ got his arm on Harry’s thigh, and both seem to be pretty comfortable with it. In fact, in the top picture, Liam, Zayn, and Niall all make wide and grinning faces, while Harry and Louis press into each other - although Zayn tries to get in quick, Harry presses towards Louis.

Couples have a habit of pressing into each other in pictures and moments in which one is exposed - scientific fact. Obviously the guys are used to publicity by now, linking Harry and Louis’ closeness in the top picture to their intimate relationship.

Now of course, the THIGH. Harry’s got his arm on Louis’ thigh, which already means something. “In a relaxed sitting pose, the thighs are typically slightly open, with legs running in parallel from the hips.” Touching the thighs also usually “draws attention to them.” As the thighs are near the genitals, touching can be “very suggestive. “The nearer the genitals the hands move, the more inviting it is. Touching the inside of the leg is more suggestive than touching the outside of the leg. Platonic friends do not usually touch each others thighs.

Touching the thighs is also a habitual sign of not only intimacy and comfort, but support. 

From here we can definitely see that these two are linked together in a special way… ;)

All quotes are from these medical journals!

If you want to see a video/gif/picture analysed, submit it or link it here!


Aww :3

Okay opinion time on the recent Larry things…


SO, as we all know, one-half of Larry Stylinson *cough*Louis Tomlinson*cough* tried to cover up larry in a recent interview. And this has a lot of shippers in a glass case of emotions and things are being said and some people are doubting the Ship that fucking sails itself and it’s just a big mess of emotions right now in Larryland. So of course I’m going to put in my two cents on the whole ordeal because I’m a hardcore Larry shipper and I’m not just going to give up on these boys just because of one comment that for all we know management probably made him say if the question about bromances were to come up. 

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The next time you feel like doubting the fact that Larry isn’t real, remember all of these times.


and this is what louis meant when he said “we are quite generous to each other